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The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness - Self Paced Course


In-depth training in somatic meditation

This program is a unique training in the core practice of all Buddhist traditions: the sitting practice of meditation. Reggie offers meditation instruction that is uniquely relevant to modern people. He acknowledges that we are so often taught to meditate "in our heads” while ignoring the luminous somatic intelligence that is the essence of our awakened nature.

Through progressive teachings on how to abide within the pure awareness of the body, we are invited to experience a tender hearted way of being with the sacredness of the cosmos as it appears as our unique incarnation. It is an approach to meditation that is marked by sensitivity and responsiveness—a way of yielding to the moment-by-moment expression of experience. 

The 10 unit self paced course includes:

  • Curriculum video teachings and audio guided meditations 
  • Study questions and recommended readings from Reggie's book The Practice of Pure Awareness
  • Curriculum audio downloads


In order to work with The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness online course, it will be important for you to have good familiarity with the core somatic practices of this lineage. That familiarity can best be gained by:

  1. by having taken the first course in the series, Awakening the Body;
  2. having attended the Meditating with the Body five month program; or
  3. having attended an in person program such as the Winter Meditation Intensive where those practices are taught.

If you have not done any of these, it is still possible to enroll in this program in two additional ways:

  • Read Reggie’s book The Awakening Body, which introduces the six core practices and provides a free download of the guided practices. The book is available here through Shambhala Publications. You should do each of the core practices enough so that you feel thoroughly familiar with them.
  • Engage the practices as taught in Reggie's audio program Your Breathing Body Volume I, which is available here at Sounds True. Again, do each guided practice enough times so you feel thoroughly familiar with it.

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